Hall of Fame

Recognizing our members for their hard work and dedication

While our Club’s primary focus is on serving the community, we are also proud of our members who have been recognized with awards for their volunteer work or who have held leadership positions throughout the district and here at our club. This page outlines some of the achievements of our members.

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Past District Governors
The District Governor, an elected position, serves as the chief administrative officer for the district. The District Governor’s responsibilities include representing the association in the district, supervising district officers, furthering the Objects and Ethics of the association, promoting the goals of the International Program, supervising the organization of new Lions clubs and presiding over district meetings.
James F. Olean 1972-1973
Joseph ‘Bucky’ Mello 1975-1976
Current Board of Directors
President Gary S Sagar
1st Vice President Neal H Abelson
2nd Vice President Pedro F Correia
Secretary George R Poli
Treasurer Robert W Read
Lion Tamer Dana V Heberlein
Membership Director Leonard Silva Jr
Finance Director David A Pitassi
Public Relations Paul K Buckley
Immediate Past President George R Poli
Tail Twister Alfred Villeneuve
1 Year BOD Guy Larrimer
Keith W Rondeau
2 Year BOD Alfred S Gamboa
Nickolas Rondeau
3 Year BOD Robert E Drohan
Robert A Caruolo
Past Cabinet Secretary/Treasurers
The District Governor is permitted to select a person to serve as his or her Cabinet Secretary and/or Treasurer. This person works closely with the District Governor and deals with a myriad of administrative and logistic issues on behalf of the District Governor.
Joseph ‘Bucky’ Mello 1972-1973
Melvin Jones Fellowship Recipients
Lions International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an honor that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones. This Fellowship is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism. The recipient of this honor becomes a model because of the exemplary service to his club and the community that it serves. Those Melvin Jones Fellowship Recipients who are awarded a second Melvin Jones award are referred to as Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship Recipients.
Albert Ehnes 19??
Charlie Mello Sr. 1991
Neal Abelson 1994
Edward Amaral 1994
David A Pitassi** 1994
Anthony Caputo 1995
Pro Provazza 1995
Bucky Mello 1996
James Olean 1996
James Araujo 1998
Ronald Lussier 1998
Gary Sagar 1998
Gerald Lima 1999
Warren Carpenter 2001
Charles Mello Jr. 2001
Robert W Read 2002
Joseph J Delude 2007
Peter R Hoogerzeil 2007
George R Poli 2007
William R Whitely 2007
Salvatore DiPietro 2007
Douglas T Allan Jr. 2007
Nathan J Helgerson 2007
David A Pitassi 2008 (Progressive Melvin Jones Recipient)
Robert A Caruolo 2009
Dana V Heberlein 2009
Robert W Read 2010 (Progressive Melvin Jones Recipient)
Keith W Rondeau 2012
Nathan J Helgerson 2013 (Progressive Melvin Jones Recipient)
George R Poli 2013 (Progressive Melvin Jones Recipient)
Alfred S Gamboa 2013
Robert E Drohan 2013
Leonard Silva Jr. 2018
John Arruda 2018
Past Club Presidents
The President of the Seekonk Lions Club is elected by his peers to lead the club for a one-year term, starting in July each year. This position can be time-consuming and thankless, however, the club has been served by a number of outstanding leaders over the years. The following members have served this club with distinction as Club President:
J. Wesley Peck Jr. 1958-1959
William Skeese 1959-1960
Albert F. Ehnes 1960-1961
S. Freeman Tracey 1961-1962
John V. Kane 1962-1963
Everett Kandarian Jr. 1963-1964
James F. Olean 1964-1965
William R. Whitely 1965-1966
Charles J. Mello 1966-1967
Philip J. Hill 1967-1968
Joseph F. Mello 1968-1969
Annunzio Provazza 1969-1970
Edward W. Amaral 1970-1971
Salvatore DiPeitro 1971-1972
Henry Pestana 1972-1973
Alfred L. Penacho 1973-1974
Anthony A. Caputo 1974-1975
Robert L. Marnoch 1975-1976
Edwin F. Morgan 1976-1977
Jared W. Stubb 1977-1978
William J. Baker 1978-1979
Vincent J. Frattaruolo 1979-1980
Roy Kindley 1980-1981
David A. Pitassi 1981-1982
Gerald J. Lima 1982-1983
Frank L.DeBonis 1983-1984
James A. Araujo 1984-1985
David Sluter 1985-1986
Michael Dunn 1986-1987
Bill Benson 1987-1988
Pro Provazza 1988-1989
Charles Mello 1989-1990
Charles Mello 1990-1991
Neil Abelson 1991-1992
Gary Sagar 1992-1993
Gary Sagar 1993-1994
George R Poli 1994-1995
Joseph Rezendes 1995-1996
Ronald Boucher 1996-1997
Joseph Delude 1997-1998
Joseph Delude 1998-1999
Warren S. Carpenter 1999-2000
Warren S. Carpenter 2000-2001
Peter R. Hoogerzeil 2001-2002
Peter R. Hoogerzeil 2002-2003
Bruce E. Warren 2003-2004
Bruce E Warren 2004-2005
Robert A. Caruolo 2005-2006
Robert A. Caruolo 2006-2007
Nathan J. Helgerson 2007-2008
Nathan J. Helgerson 2008-2009
Nathan J. Helgerson 2009-2010
Keith W Rondeau 2010-2011
Keith W Rondeau 2011-2012
Keith W Rondeau 2012-2013
Dana V Heberlein 2013-2014
George R Poli 2014-2015
George R Poli 2015-2016
George R Poli 2016-2017
Dana V Heberlein 2017-2018
Dana V Heberlein 2018-2019